About Moonchild

Hi there, thanks for stopping by and checking out my collection of luxury handcrafted all-natural soy wax candles. Self-care is a wonderful practice, and It helps us all stay resilient in the face of uncertainty. Candles are often a part of a luxurious self-care routine. Essential Oil candles can be a beautiful and healing way to nourish your soul.

It was important to me to develop a product free of all toxic chemicals and phthalates, so you could feel good about filling your home with a safe, non-toxic, clean burning scent.  We are surrounded by all kinds of chemicals penetrating every aspect of our lives, and many people experience several health concerns.  I noticed the headaches I would get when I burned a well known, mass produced candles.  Moonchild candles are hand poured in small batches to ensure the highest quality luxury candle.  Trust me, you absolutely get what you pay for. 

Supporting small businesses is more important now than ever, and I appreciate every single sale. I personally make each candle, pack them with with care using recycled materials and ship them quickly. 

As a customer, if you are not satisfied, or having issues with your candle, please let me know! I will do everything I can to make it right.  Your business is more than just a purchase, it's a friendship, and I treat my friends well. 

Wishing everyone an abundance of health, love, and light.

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