Top 5 lessons learned at the 2 year mark.

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It's hard to believe I launched my website two years ago today.  I had absolutely no idea how to build a website, but I found it wasn't as hard and intimidating as I thought it would be.  Shopify (not sponsored) offers many easy to use templates.  If you have some basic to moderate level computer technology skills, you could totally figure it out.  And well, if not...there's always YouTube. 

Some of my earliest formulations were epic fails.  But I always found a way to problem solve, and improve ratios, essential oils and aesthetic design. I literally fumbled my way through in the early phases, but when I reflect on that time frame, I've never felt so inspired, alive and joyful.  Pouring candles is truly a therapeutic passion of mind, and my love language for all  of you.  

I still have days where I completely forget that I needed to order something essential, or my inventory is off, or the candle studio is a disaster, or my business bank account is get the idea.  BUT I also get to have the days where I hear from customers about their personal testimony and experience burning Moonchild Candle Co. candles, and how they had given up finding one that didn’t trigger health issues. I never imagined that you all would love my scent blends and aesthetic point of view as much as you do! My heart is full  

The small business community in Colorado Springs, is next level amazing.  Everyone supports each other, and the community always shows up to support us.  Without these two support systems, I may not still be standing after 2 years...and starting a business in the middle of a pandemic. I'm grateful for all the lessons learned and celebrations. 

So, without further adieu, here are my top five lessons learned after being officially in business, for two years. 

1. Believe in yourself- Seriously though, this is half the battle.
2. Eyes on your own prize- Don't worry about what other companies are doing.
3. Enjoy the failures- This is what makes your business better. 
4. Don't "should" all over yourself- Just be where you are.
5. Stay inspired, not stressed- Remember, this is your passion!


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